Food & Drinks to Avoid for Better Teeth

There are countless food and beverages that poorly affect our oral health which tempt us daily. Use our list to better acquaint yourself with such foods and beverages to improve your oral health moving forward toward the new year!


Regardless of the contents of a soda beverage, whether it’s diet or regular, soda has been proved to be a threat to your enamel. Not only do these drinks contain a considerable amount of sugar, most of them contain a specific acid that has been proven to damage tooth enamel. It is best to skip these beverages entirely to avoid potentially harmful ingredients.


Both red and white wine present their respect issues to your teeth. Red wines often discolor teeth and though sometimes this is taken care of with a thorough brushing, it can lead to staining if you have naturally soft enamel.


Not only do candies contain high amounts of sugar that damage your teeth, but also sticky and chewy candies can get stuck between your teeth and braces and even damage fillings. If you’re looking for a sugar-fix but have sensitive teeth, dark chocolate is a great option and is easy on your teeth.

Potato Chips

Though they seem unthreatening, potato chips can be harmful to your oral health. Potato chips tend to leave behind particles which turn into plaque that can both build up on your teeth and get stuck in unsuspecting places and prove an even greater threat. 

Citrus Fruits

Grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and limes contain strong acids that can damage your teeth, particularly your enamel. Try to choose less acidic fruits to get your daily fixing if your teeth are sensitive.

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