How to Keep a Healthy & Happy Smile- Oral Health Tips

Wondering how you can keep your oral health in the best condition possible? Use our helpful tips to guide you on a path of excellent oral hygiene!

Brush Your Tongue

Many people forget that brushing your tongue is essential to protecting your oral health. Brushing your tongue helps fight bacteria in your mouth and will also prevent you from having bad breath.

Personalized Care

Some of the things you should be doing to keep your mouth healthy will be specific to your individual needs. For the best ways to figure out these niche needs, talk to your dentist who will have personalized tips based on your current oral health. While there are plenty of general ways that anyone can improve their oral hygiene, no one knows your needs better than your dentist so don’t hesitate to ask their opinion.


Reconsider Your Drinking Habits

Everyone has been warned of how severely sugar affects your teeth but most assume if they keep candy out of their diet they will avoid this issue but unfortunately, this is not the case. Sugar-filled drinks damage even the strongest of teeth. Avoid drinks such as soda and concentrate-based juices that contain a lot of sugar and instead, drink more water, milk or other sugar-free drinks.

Floss and Fluoride

The importance of flossing can’t be stressed enough! Taking less than a minute out of your day to floss can significantly improve your dental hygiene in a way that is unachievable any other way. Using fluoride is also extremely helpful, as it hardens your enamel which will prevent cavities. If you can’t commit to flossing and using fluoride every day, try to do each twice a week and you will see improvements in your oral health.

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